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Download free Activity pages for your horse loving kids! Downloadable pdfs include:

  • word search
  • ad lib
  • fun recipies
  • coloring pages
  • fun book
  • crossword
  • fun facts

Click here to access these dowloadable resources!


  • Other items that can be mailed to you include:
    • Breed Ideal Flyer
    • Color and Marking Guide
    • Disciplines Descriptions Flyer
    • Previous Issues of Arabian Horse Life
    • Breed Brochure

For mailing requests and cost information please email 

Booth in a Box

The Booth consists of two retractable banner stands, a table cloth, table runner, one promotional display stand, and a box of promotional materials and giveaways. To order the booth please complete the below form and send back to



The booth will be sent to you at no charge. We just ask that you pay for the return shipping. Additional promotional items can also be ordered with booth request. Please contact or 303.696.4505 with any questions.



Ready-to-Use Lesson Series About Arabian Horses


Youth Leaders:

Do you want help preparing fun, effective lessons for your youth group? Arabian Horse Association presents Leg Up: A Ready-to-Use Lesson Series about Arabian horses.

Each Leg Up lesson plan is a compact but comprehensive presentation suitable for youth. You can use every plan “as is,” or easily modify it to suit your group’s age and knowledge.

Every Leg Up lesson is free of charge and includes a comprehensive lecture outline, Arabian horse trivia, games, and visual aids. Start today by downloading a Leg Up lesson below. Leg Up is free to youth leaders, so spread the word!

We hope your youth group enjoys exploring the world’s most beautiful athlete- the Arabian horse!!!


Choose your next Leg Up Lesson

Breed History
Evolution of Popular Breeds
Conformation and Breed Characteristics
Points of Evaluation


Arabian Horse Judging Contest Resources

Practice DVDs

Three educational DVDs composed of classes and reasons from the 2003, 2008, and 2013 Arabian Horse Judging Contests. All DVDs feature four halter and six performance classes, with official placings, cuts, and sample oral reasons. Click here to Purchase a copy!

Youth leaders may request a complimentary copy.  

Current videos include:




Practice Classes from our Online Judging Contest can be viewed here.

Example written reasons from Class #2 Showmanship

Arabian Horse Judging Guide

A comprehensive guide to judging Arabian horses. Costs $10.00 per copy. Purchase here.


Coaching Youth Judging Teams Guide


Judges Notebook Chapters


Promotional Literature

Email to request complimentary copies of our Breed Ideal flyer, Origin of Popular Horse Breeds poster, Colors and Markings guide, Arabian Horse Coloring sheets, and Parts of the Horse and Skeletal System guide.


Coaches' Email List

Email with your name, team info (i.e. 4-H/FFA, Jr. AHA, Sr. AHA/Collegiate), correct email address, and mailing address. We'll add you to our email updates to coaches about the Arabian Horse Judging Contest and resources.