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⏵ Announcements

New for SHN

  • Move-out has been extended to 10:00 AM on Sunday, September 15th
  • The indoor arenas will be available for schooling beginning Saturday, September 7th
  • Carriage Driving Classes have been moved a day forward in the schedule
  • A/HA/AA Carriange Pleaseure Driving Double Jeopardy is now a National Championship class
  • New ring protocol for the Supreme Championships, including a judges scorecard that mirrors Dressage @ Devon
  • Dressage Level 4 will be split between Arabian and HA/AA
  • AAOTR Hunter Hack moved to Wednesday
  • Sport Horse Under Saddle AOTR has been Split into Hunter Type and Dressage Type for both Arabian and HA/AA
    • Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle AOTR Hunter Type CH
    • Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle AOTR Dressage Type CH
    • HA/AA Sport Horse Under Saddle AOTR Hunter Type CH
    • HA/AA Sport Horse Under Saddle AOTR Dressage Type CH


Added classes

  • A/HA/AA Western Dressage Suitability Exhibition
  • A/HA/AA Western Dressage Hack Exhibition
  • Sport Horse In-Hand Juvenile Supreme Championship
  • Western Dressage Level 4


⏵ Important Dates & Deadlines

Show Office Hours

Saturday - Sunday - September 7 - 8 - 8:30 AM - 7 PM
Mondayy - Saturday - September 9 - 14 - 7AM - 1/2 hour after last class


Entry Deadline – Tuesday July 23 Midnight (MT)

  • Exhibitors are advised to use a form of expedited, traceable mail service when sending entries in order to ensure entries are received by AHA
  • METERED MAIL will only be accepted with an official postmark from a post office from the country of origin that indicated the location and date the Postal Service accepted custody of a mail piece and cancels affixed postage.


Post Entry Deadlines

New Horses

  • Wednesday July 24 thru Tuesday August 20 (New horses may be entered online)
    • $500.00 per horse if qualified for any class before July 23, including classes that do not require qualifications

Adding Classes

for Horses already entered

 Must be submitted on an entry form and waivers signed

     No Dressage or Combined Training entries accepted after Aug 20

    • Tuesday July 24th thru Tuesday August 20
      • Regular class fee plus $100 late class fee regardless of when qualified.
    • Wednesday August 21 thru Saturday September 7 @ 5 pm Local Time 
      • Regular class fee plus $200 late class fee regardless of when qualified.
    • NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER September 7 @ 5 pm Local time for any reason.



Horses and riders that enter by July 23 but not qualified for some class(es) but intend to qualify for the class(es) before the start of the National Show they are entering, MUST enter the non qualified class(es) and pay the fees.

By entering non qualified class(es) by July 23, helps in determining if a class must be split and published a revised schedule before the start of the show.

Qualifications for classes can be earned up to the start of the show.

If you do not qualify for the class, the class fee will be refunded.



⏵ Arrival & Stalling Information

Group Stall Request forms are Due Aug. 19, Midnight MT to Guarantee Stalling


NO ARRIVAL is permitted prior to Noon on Thursday, Sept. 5

  • Group Stabling due – Monday, August 19 Midnight (MT)
    • In-House/Electronically Dated
  • Stalls must be vacated - Sunday Sept. 15, by 10am 
  • Past 10am sharp, you will be billed the facility late departure fee of $50 per hour, per stall.  NO EXCEPTIONS



For additional information or questions please contact National Events at



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Future Show Dates

Show Dates Location Closing Date
September 9-14, 2024

Wilmington, OH 

 July 23, 2024
September 8-13, 2025

Wilmington, OH 

September 7-12, 2026

Wilmington, OH