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Due to the Vesticular Stomatitis requirements issued by USEF, horses must be check by a show vet or vet tech upon arrival. No horses will be allowed into any stalling/stabling area, show ring, or warm up area until checked. Due to this requirement we are asking the following:

  • All exhibitors hauling from California communicate the arrival time of your horses with Mike Moak, Barn Manager. This will allows us to have the Vet available for you and limit the timing of horses waiting on trailers.
  • Please plan to arrive during the hours of 6am – 9pm any of the move in days.


Contacts for arrival communications/questions:

Mike Moak, Barn Manager, 706-540-7326

Lindsey Phipps, Director of National Events/Show Operations Manager, 720-271-4008

Mark Himmel, YMSNL Commissioner, 985-859-5144


⏵ Important Dates & Deadlines

  • Entry Deadline - May 30 Midnight (MT)
    • Important Entry Form Information

    • Exhibitors are advised to use a form of expedited, traceable mail service when sending entries in order to ensure that their entries are received. 

      METERED MAIL will only be accepted with an official postmark from a post office from the country of origin that indicates the location and date the Postal Service accepted custody of a mailpiece, and it cancels affixed postage.

  • Dressage & Sport Horse In-Hand Entries Close - June 8
  • Post Entry Deadlines
    • May 31 thru June 23 - Available Online
      • $500.00 per horse if qualified for any class before May 30, including classes that do not require qualifications (please check the optional post fee)

    • June 24 thru July 10 at 5PM - must be mailed
      • $1000.00 per horses if qualified for any class before May 30, including classes that do not require qualifications

    • Adding classes for horse already entered

      • Must be submitted on an entry form and waivers signed

      • May 31 – June 23   Entry fee plus $100.00 late fee per class

      • June 24 – July 10   Entry fee plus $200.00 late fee per class 


  • Close for all entries and added classes - July 10 at 5 PM 


  • Un-Qualified Horses
    • There is no post or late fee if the horse is not qualified for any of the entered classes by the closing date.
    • Horses and riders that are not qualified for some of their classes as of the closing date of May 30 but intend to qualify before the start of the show must enter all non-qualified class. Failure to qualify for any class will results in a refund for that class. If a qualification can not be verified, a qualification form signed by the show secretary from the qualifying show may be required before the non-qualified class will be qualified.


⏵ Arrival & Stalling Information

  • For Stalling contact Mike Moak  706-540-7326  ammoakga@gmail.com
  • Group Stabling due Thrusday, June 23 Midnight (MT) In-House/Electronically Dated
  • NO ARRIVAL Prior to 6 AM Saturday July 8  
  • If you enter after June 23 you must contact the Barn manager for stalls
  • Horse Entry Requirements for all horses (including Oklahoma horses) 

    1. Official identification required. (registration papers)
    2. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) issued by an accredited veterinarian 30 days or less prior to entry, with official ID numbers recorded on or attached to the CVI OR an approved current equine passport.
    3. Negative equine infectious anemia test (Coggins) within 12 months of entry. Test results, test date, laboratory and accession number must be recorded on the CVI. Original copy or photocopy of the test result must accompany horses.

    Vesicular stomatitis emergency regulation

    Any livestock (equine, bovine, porcine, caprine, ovine, or cervidae) entering Oklahoma from a county where vesicular stomatitis has been diagnosed (currently San Diego and Riverside Counties of California) within the last thirty (30) days or a county that contains a premise quarantined for vesicular stomatitis shall be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection dated within five (5) days of entry containing the following statement: "All animals identified on this certificate of veterinary inspection have been examined and found to be free from signs of vesicular stomatitis and have not originated from a premise which is under quarantine for vesicular stomatitis.”


USEF Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) Report as of June 15


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The Reining Seat Equitation, Western Trail Horse JTR and Reining Horse JOTR for both Arabians and HA/AA have been sponsored and are now split into the age groups again for 2023.





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