Value/Comp Lite Shows

Value Show

The AHA Value Show Concept is simple. It provides areas of the country with lower show horse populations, and/or smaller clubs an opportunity to hold AHA qualifying shows that should be financially feasible for their circumstances. Fees and expenses are to remain low for the club or group sponsoring the show, so they can in turn pass on the savings to the exhibitors. Facility requirements need not be that of the "typical Arabian show", and for some Value Shows, may not even have stalling. The outcome is a more affordable way for many of our Arabian exhibitors to show their horses, receive qualifications, and remain involved with the breed.


Comp Lite

AHA and USEF has partnered on the Competition Lite Program. The purpose of USEF Lite is to promote and grow the competition environment. It will provide organizers of new, smaller, or formerly unlicensed competitions across the national breeds and disciplines with an entry point to the Licensed Competition environment by offering discounted fees and fewer barriers to entry. 


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Biosecurity is defined as a set of preventative measures to help avoid the transmission of infectious diseases in livestock. As members of the horse show community, we are constantly putting our horses at risk to contract infections from unknown sources. Please check with the local facility, county and/or state regarding guidelines. In addition, please check areas where you may be traveling through or laying over.

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AHA Comp Lite Grant Application


On, October 3, 2023 the AHA Board of Directors established a fund for competition years 2024 and 2025 to Grant, with the approval of the Regional Director, an amount of $500.00 per Value/Competition Lite show to help offset anticipated expenses, with a maximum of $25,000 available from October 3, 2023 to October 2, 2025 .  New and current Arabian Shows are eligible to apply for a grant if utilizing the Comp Lite USEF/AHA license.  The purpose of this grant is to help mitigate additional expenses incurred by the Show in becoming a USEF/AHA Competition Lite show.


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