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As a benefit of your AHA membership, you can save on a variety of goods and services that are used frequently for personal and business needs. Use your membership number to score discounts on travel and hotels, insurance, and more!  Click on the logos below to learn more about the discounts provided.


Affinity_USRider Affinity_Ram Affinity_Thrifty Affinity_Dollar Affinity_Hertz
Affinity_Travel Affinity_VPI Affinity_Lifelock Affinity_LongTerm Affinity_RX_Savings
Affinity_TNT_Vacations Affinity_Emergency_Assistance Affinity_GHA_Equine Affinity_HotelStorm Affinity_Lifeline
Affinity_Anico Affinity_Choice_Hotels Affinity_Constant_Contact Affinity_Cruises_Only Affinity_Depot_Max


Discounts offered to AHA Members...