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The information listed below was provided prior to a Dec. 19 Board of Directors vote to cancel the 2023 Canadian National Show and to postpone the event indefinitely. The latest information can found in this Dec. 20 news release. Please email all questions and feedback about this event to


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2023 AHA Canadian National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Show Decision FAQ

Posted 12/14/22


How did AHA make the decision to re-build the AHA Canadian National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Show?

With more than a 62-year history, the AHA Canadian National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Show is one of the longest standing shows within the Arabian Horse Association, providing classes across many disciplines. It is an important show for the Arabian industry and is one of the legs of the Arabian Triple Crown, and after financial and participation challenges resulting from the pandemic forced the board to postpone it, AHA is thrilled to bring it back.  The decision followed a thorough process, including the formation of a dedicated Task Force immediately following the Board of Directors’ late-July decision to cancel the 2022 show.  


The AHA’s Canadian National Show Commission has made tremendous efforts to bring the show back to the AHA membership, effectively creating a new and viable plan to promote the show’s longevity. AHA recognizes that the AHA membership has been without an AHA sanctioned Canadian National show previously and has worked diligently to bring back the Canadian National Show in 2023.


Why can’t the Arabian Horse Association combine its show with the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry (CAHR)?

This decision followed a thorough process that included forming a dedicated Task Force, which the CAHR was invited to join. The AHA also worked directly with the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry (CAHR), the group hosting a show in Red Deer, to attempt to combine efforts for a singular Canadian Nationals sanctioned by AHA, but the CAHR was unable to meet AHA’s requirement that all nationally recognized shows must include a full set of competition classes. It is our duty as an organization to follow these rules and bylaws. The AHA handbook is available for review here.   AHA offers our full support of the CAHR, and we look forward to continue working with the group in hopes of creating a sanctioned show in the future.


Why does the 2023 AHA Canadian National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Show in Brandon overlap timeframes with the CAHR’s show in Red Deer?

The August 16 – 19 dates for the 2023 AHA Canadian National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Show were contractually established in 2019. The AHA is bound to honor all contract dates, and in particular this facility has been a good-faith partner in its accommodation of the previous postponement of the Canadian National Show. The contractual obligation and planned 2023 dates have been freely communicated to the CAHR since September, 2022 when the Task Force was originally formed in. AHA offers our full support of the CAHR, and we look forward to continuing work with the group in hopes of creating a sanctioned show in the future. 


What is the long-term goal for Canadian AHA shows?

The AHA is committed to providing exhibitors the opportunity to show in Canada. AHA recognizes that the members have been without an AHA sanctioned Canadian National show previously and has worked diligently to bring back the Canadian National Show, which historically has been one of the longest standing and important shows for the Arabian industry as one of the legs of the Arabian Triple Crown. The commission has created a new and viable plan to bring the show back to the AHA membership annually in order to ensure that exhibitors from both Canada and the United States are provided the opportunity to attend without threat of postponement.


How can I get more information or offer my feedback about this process?

Please email all feedback to with the subject line “2023 Canadian National Show”.



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The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) is committed to supporting Arabian horse owners and enthusiasts. We believe this means providing you with transparency and insight into the actions we are taking to maintain, improve and prevent disruption to the Arabian horse registration systems we manage – one being the Purebred Arabian Horse Registry (AHR).  Below are some common questions we have received about the lawsuit, and answers from our leadership.


Order Granting Directed Verdict and Dismissing Case With Prejudice, Pursuant to C.R.C.P. 50


Why is the Purebred Arabian Trust (PAT) suing the AHA?

As you may know, the AHA has an exclusive license to operate and maintain the Arabian Horse Registry (AHR) for purebred Arabian horses in the United States. In early 2021, AHA’s information technology environment suffered network interruptions. AHA followed the advice of its cybersecurity experts and by May 6, AHA had restored operations on nearly all of its systems. Nevertheless, on May 14, the Purebred Arabian Trust (PAT) sent a letter to AHA claiming the purebred Arabian Horse registry was inoperable and demanding that AHA transition the purebred registry to PAT. On July 7, PAT sued AHA, claiming that AHA’s ongoing technical and software problems rendered our ability to manage purebred registration services inoperable for several weeks, in breach of the agreement between AHA and PAT stating that AHA would maintain the registry.   


What has AHA leadership done so far to resolve the legal issue?

To act in the best interests of all Arabian breed owners, breeders and members by resolving the issue as constructively and quickly as possible, AHA retained counsel through Spencer Fane. On Oct. 8, 2021, AHA successfully defeated the PAT’s call for a preliminary injunction, through which the group demanded the purebred registry be immediately transferred to PAT. This is a win for AHA, because it means the court agrees with AHA that PAT could not demonstrate that it was entitled to the immediate transfer of the purebred registry.  AHA leadership is committed to transparent, timely communication with its members.


What is the current status of the lawsuit?

As part of an ongoing effort to arrive at a resolution that best serves the Arabian Horse community, in April 2022 AHA entered into mediation with the PAT. Though a settlement agreement was not reached during mediation, there are possibilities for continued conversations to resolve the issues between the two organizations.


What is the long-term significance of the lawsuit? Why is it important for the AHA to prevail?

If the PAT is successful in their lawsuit then the management and operation of the purebred Arabian Horse registry will revert back to the PAT, similar to the environment experienced by the Arabian Horse community prior to AHR and IAHA merger in 2003.  


We do anticipate that managing Arabian Horses in the United States would be negatively impacted if the PAT manages to take back control of the purebred Arabian Horse Registry.


Does the lawsuit have any impact on the AHA, its everyday operations, or on new registrations of Arabian Horses?

Regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome, AHA would continue to operate the Half and Anglo Arabian registries in the United States and the three Canadian Arabian Registries for CAHR.  We would also continue to manage Arabian competitions in the United States, our National Events, our memberships, clubs, committees, Judge/Steward programs, leadership structure, sweepstakes, futurities and the various horse and member award programs.


Because we do not have visibility into how the PAT would operate this registry going forward, AHA cannot predict how purebred registration rules would change, or how purebred horse information would be available to AHA.  Details on how the transition would occur are unknown, given that we do not have information about what kind of management infrastructure they would create and have no sense for the knowledge and/ or expertise they have in running a registry.


What are the likely next steps in the lawsuit?

Since participating in mediation efforts this spring failed to yield a settlement, AHA and its attorneys will continue to attempt to resolve the issues between the two organizations. If this is not successful, a trial is scheduled for December 2022.



Members interested in more information can email, which is monitored closely by the executive leadership team. The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) formed in 2003 to bring Arabian horse enthusiasts together to preserve and advance the Arabian breed. That goal remains the primary focus of AHA. We are stronger when unified to advance and support our industry.



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