2024 Annual Convention

November 19-23, 2024 in Reno, NV

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2024 Convention Registration Form



Schedule of Events

  • Tuesday November 19th
    • Closed Meetings
  • Wednesday November 20th
    • Board of Directors Meeting
    • Committee Meeting Working Sessions
  • Thursday November 21st:
    • General Session I
    • Committee Meetings
    • Luncheon
    • Regional Caucus Meetings
  • Friday November 22nd 
    • General Session II
    • Committee Meetings
    • Awards Banquet
  • Saturday November 23rd 
    • General Session III


More Information Coming Soon




Room rates are $69 for November 17-21 and $139 for November 22nd and 23rd.

In addition to the room rate, a $30 resort fee, $3 tourism surcharge and tax per day (room rate and resort fee) will apply.  If booking over the extended period (the lesser rate to the higher rate), room rates will be shown as an average.


To Book your room for Convention please follow the link here

All reservations must be made by October 18, 2024 to receive AHA’s rates





Resolutions are due August 15th (postmarked/electronic transaction dated) and may be submitted by any Member Organization (Adult Members), any standing Ad Hoc Committee of AHA, by a Regional Board of Delegates or by the Board of Directors of AHA.


Resolutions due August 15


Resolutions must have:

  • Received a majority number of affirmative votes (either in person, by phone, by facsimile, by mail, by email or by hand delivery), and
  • must be accompanied by an actual tally of the votes received, and
  • indicate which body voted (Member Organization members, Member Organization Board of Directors, Regional Board of Delegates, etc.), and
  • indicate how the vote was taken (at a meeting, by phone, by facsimile, by mail, by email or by hand delivery), and
  • list where the vote is recorded (Member Organization minutes, Member Organization Board minutes, Regional Board of Delegates minutes, etc.).


Please return Resolutions to Leslie Lockard at Leslie.Lockard@arabianhorses.org.


Note: Resolutions may also be submitted by the AHA President. 





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Sponsorships due November 1



Delegate Counts

How Does the Delegate Process Work?

  • The time frame for the Delegate cutoff is June 30th. Club memberships must be received and processed by this date.
  • Clubs are notified of the number of Adult Members.
  • Delegates slots are awarded to the clubs for every 35 Adult members or part thereof. 1 Delegate for 10 to 35 members, 2 Delegates for 36 to 70 members, etc.
  • Clubs which are under 10 Adult members do not receive a Delegate.
  • Clubs determine their own process for selecting Delegates, check with the Club President or Secretary for that process.
  • Club Presidents or Secretaries report the Delegates to AHA via online.
  • Once the Delegate(s) are selected by the club, the Delegate(s) can register for Convention.
  • Convention registration will open a few days after the June 30th cutoff, the early bird price is $250.


Do I need to be a Delegate to Attend?

Anyone wishing to attend convention can register as an Alternate/Guest/Member for the early bird price of $125. Note: only credentialed Delegates may vote on resolutions, officers, and convention elected committee positions. All members of AHA in good standing have the right to speak to an issue on the floor. Any delegate, alternate, or guest that is seeking recognition to speak to an issue shall go to a microphone and, upon being recognized by the Chair, shall state their name, their Region, before addressing the delegates. A voting delegate or member shall not speak more than twice on the same question or for more than two (2) minutes each time speaking.  No delegate or member shall speak for a second time until all delegates or members seeking recognition the first time have spoken.