Comp_Landing_ImageIf setting and surpassing benchmarks motivates you, AHA offers over 280 competitions for Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses, from grassroots schooling shows to national championships and distance rides. As an AHA member, you and your registered Arabian horse can compete and earn points at many levels, working towards recognition and prestigious awards.








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National Events


The Arabian Horse Association puts on five National Events each year.




Prize Money Programs


AHA offers a variety of breeding and competition-based prize money programs.












Recognized Events


AHA recognized programs give Arabian horse owners and enthusiasts a chance to experience and compete in various shows and events.





Award Programs


Earn recognition for your Arabian, Half-Arabian, or Anglo-Arabian horse(s), in the wide variety of disciplines you compete in with your horse. 










Single Event Membership


Satisfy your membership requirement for participation in a single AHA recognized show with the purchase of a Single Event Membership.





For additional information, contact Competition Services at 303.696.4500 Option 1