Performance Futurity/Maturity

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Comp_Perf_FutMat_ImageOver $399,000 paid out in 2022 for U.S National Performance Futurity/Maturity


Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabians can compete in Performance Futurity/Maturity/Derby classes at U.S. Nationals and in Performance Maturity at Sport Horse Nationals. These classes feature the best of the breed's young athletes, some of these young horses are sold before they even leave the arena. A wonderful marketplace to showcase the best and brightest that the industry offers.




  • AHA Foreign Members Who Earn Prize Money

    Foreign residents winning prize money at an event held in the States will be subject to income tax of 30% per Internal Revenue Service regulations.  This amount will be withheld from total winnings.
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Program Updates


Due to the increased participation of the Ranch Horse Riding Futurity at U.S. Nationals, the class has been split.  Beginning in 2023, there will be two classes, Arabian Ranch Horse Riding Futurity and HA/AA Ranch Horse Riding Futurity.


Note: Half-Arabians competing in the Futurity/Maturity/Derby Classes must have parentage DNA verified to the purebred Arabian parent on file at the AHA office before they are allowed to compete.




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There are 3 parts to participate in the US National Performance Futurity/Maturity Program or the Sport Horse National Performance Maturity Program:

  1. Enrollment into the appropriate Performance Program for US Nationals or Sport Horse Nationals.
  2. Entry into the corresponding class for that National Show
  3. All Half-Arabians competing in the USN Futurity/Maturity/Derby Classes and the Sport Horse Nationals Maturity Classes must have parentage DNA verified to a purebred Arabian parent and on file at the AHA office before they are allowed to compete.

Owners wishing to compete in this program must enroll in the program either by making payments or one lump sum.


Note: Horses cannot be shown under the two distinct non family co-owner rule in Performance Maturity AAO classes per USEF AR110


DNA Parentage Requirement


All Half-Arabians participating in the Halter Futurity Program, Performance Futurity/Maturity/Derby Program and the Performance Maturity Program at Canadian Nationals, Sport Horse Nationals and U.S. Nationals will require DNA testing. DNA type of the horse and the horse's Purebred Arabian parent must be placed on permanent record with the AHA Registry and the horse has been shown to qualify as an offspring of the stated purebred sire or purebred dam through DNA type testing. DNA testing will be at the owner's expense and must be on file with the AHA office before the horse will be eligible to compete. If the DNA is not on file at that time, the horse is ineligible to be shown and all nomination fees will be forfeited. 


To obtain a DNA testing kit for Half-Arabians, please contact Registry Services at 303.696-4500 option 2.



U.S. National Payouts


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Sport Horse National Payouts




For additional information, contact Competition Services at 303.696.4500 Option 1