Virtual Show Winter Series 



Open: December 1; Close: 19 at 5 pm CST


Open: January 1; Close: 16 at 5 pm CST


Open: February 1; Close: 20 at 5 pm CST


Open: March 1; Close: 27 at 5 pm CST


All Classes Except Sport Horse - TBA

Sport Horse Classes - TBA

Entry Fees

General – Placings only - $30 per class 

Placings - With Feedback/Critique - $45 per class

Liability Waiver

Signed waiver will be required when submitting entries. Acess form here.



You will be directed to The American Paint Horse Association site to enter. Please have your video recorded and uploaded when you enter the show.

Shows are a member only activity.

How to Enter

Enter your name, AHA membership number, your age, your region, your horses name and registration number on the entry page.  Select your class from the list and submit the link to your video.  This demographic information will not be provided to the judge.  


A unique rider/handler and horse combination can only enter each class once.  A horse is eligible to be utilized multiple times in a class with different riders/handlers.





NEW! Season High Point

The virtual show season will run from December 2022 – March 2023

  • High Point Walk/Trot/Jog Exhibitor – exhibitors may show multiple horses
  • High Point All-Around Exhibitor – exhibitors may show multiple horses
    • Prizes awarded at end of season to Champion and Reserve.
    • Sport Horse In-hand, Performance Halter, and Showmanship will be counted towards All-Around points


General Rules


Base membership (adult or youth) in AHA is required to participate.  A competition card is not required to participate in the AHA virtual show.


What You Need

  • Horse
  • Rider/Handler & Attire
  • Tack
  • Typical riding/lesson attire – boots required in riding classes
  • Safe area to ride of recommended 50 feet by 50 feet.
  • Friend with a phone or camera with video capability
  • Cones/markers/poles/obstacles as required for your class



Everyday riding attire is allowed – boots are required for all riding classes.  Show attire is not required.


Helmets that meet the ASTM safety requirements must be worn by those 18 & under in every video except in-hand classes. 


Showmanship – long sleeves and long pants are required.


Western Pleasure, Western Seat Equitation and Western Horsemanship – Long sleeve, long pants and western boots are required.


Hunter Pleasure and Hunter Seat Equitation – Long sleeves, jodphurs with jodhpur boots 10 & Under) or breeches with hunt boots. 



Western saddle for western seat, and hunt saddle for hunter seat are to be used. Work bridles and bits, including snaffles, are allowed.


How to Compete

You can practice for your video and if there is a pattern, you may practice that as well.  When ready you will record your go. You will utilize the AHA website and you’ll be directed to the page to enter the show. You will include your name and email and AHA membership number to ensure your feedback comes straight to you. Follow each class’s class posted pattern and class filming guidelines - failure to do so is disqualification. When disqualified you are automatically entered in the following show with no additional entry fee.


Video Specifications

  • Camera position for class: Profile or where indicated on the pattern for the specific class.
  • Position camera in landscape/sideways mode.
  • Distance from horse: Horses must be filmed from the profile approximately 40 feet away.
  • Time allowed: Must show 5-10 seconds in each of the required gaits or demonstrate the pattern for the class.  Maximum time limit is defined in the class specifics.
  • Only one video per class entry is allowed.
  • Video must be one continuous clip, raw and unretouched. Video may not be edited.  If it is edited it will be disqualified.
  • Gaits must be demonstrated in the order specified for the class.
  • Measurements are approximations and are merely guidelines when setting up your pattern.
  • Coaching during the video is not allowed.
  • Farm logos and identifying marks are not allowed.
  • Natural background sound for the class must be audible. Background music is not allowed.
  • Video entries must be taped during the posted show dates and submitted by the posted deadline. Visually indicate the date of videotaping, within the actual video.  Failure to do so is disqualification. 
  • The judge’s decision is final.
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive or any video hosting site that allows for a PUBLICLY viewable link to be created. This is how the video will be submitted in your entry form.



  • Ensure you have good lighting. If indoors make sure your entry is not backlit.
  • Place video in landscape mode/sideways.
  • Phones on a tri pod are great and the patterns indicate where to place the camera.
  • Pivo pod is a smart interactive pod that holds your phone for videoing and has fast action capability for horses.
  • Keep the horse in the frame at all times.



No refunds will be given after the video link is provided to the judge. 


Honor System of Integrity


The AHA virtual horse show is an opportunity to “compete” with an Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo Arabian horse.  The arenas will vary in their size and footing and we ask that you use your best judgment in adhering to the video specifications.  There is not drug testing in the virtual show environment.  It is encouraged to showcase our Arabian and Half/Anglo Arabians in their natural and best state. 

Welcome the Arabian Horse Associations newest way to participate on your way to continued enjoyment with your Arabian, Half Arabian or Anglo Arabian horse.  We are offering an online horse show experience – yes, a virtual horse show! You can compete from the comfort and safety of your own barn or arena. 


We realize there are different entry points for competition and AHA minds have been working around how then to bring this competition to the local areas and thus the virtual AHA show was created.  At our entry level we have so many individuals ready to join us with their riding academy/lesson horses.  Our breed has so many outstanding horses serving as breed ambassadors in riding programs throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide.  We want to provide a venue for those horses with their students to participate with us in the competition environment while thriving in their home environment.  We want to build a community of people who want to enjoy their Arabian horses and yet compete with a community of fellow Arabian horse enthusiasts. 


With the continued effects of COVID-19 we want to ensure this platform is available for all AHA members to participate. The goal is to keep things simple, honest and fun for people, especially new people to competition, to participate virtually while remaining in their local barns safely and affordably.





Virtual Dressage Shows - check out Spotlight Horse Shows 


  • Spotlight Horse Shows is an online show management company who works with corporate clients to develop and implement programs specific to their needs.  Clients include FHANA, The American Driving Society, Interscholastic Equestrian Association, Western Dressage Association of America affiliates, and US Dressage Federation group member organizations.  The belief that education and opportunity for all riders and drivers is a core value.  Spotlight Horse Shows is a corporate sustaining partner of The Dressage Federation.

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  • Year End High Point Awards 
    • Purebred Arabain in Dressage
    • Purebred Arabian in Western Dressage
    • Half Arabian in Dressage
    • Half Arabian in Western Dressage