Activities...Fall in Love with the Arabian Horse


AHA offers a variety of horse shows, distance rides and competitions. To see rides, shows and events local to your area, visit the Event Calendar, Competitions or Get Local pages for more information. We offer programs for both Arabian, AHA sanctioned competitions as well as Open events. These are just some of the benefits that you can receive as an AHA member.



T.A.I.L. (Total Arabian Interaction & Learning)


A horse show can be a wonderful venue for a family that wants to spend a fun day together looking at horses. In order to welcome these families and individuals, the T.A.I.L. program evolved. The program's goal is simple - make people feel comfortable and welcome so that they can learn more about the Arabian horse. Families can be shown around a horse show venue, discover different farms, watch classes and have questions answered. This program is perfect for Scout, FFA and 4H leaders and their groups. It’s an easy and effective way for current Arabian owners and lovers to share their love for the breed with others.


Recipes for Success


‘Recipes for Success’ is a downloadable how-to manual for fairs, mini-conventions and seminars. Its purpose is to introduce the general public to the Arabian horse, expand the education of the present Arabian horse owners and to encourage fellowship and exchange of ideas between the general public and present Arabian horse owners.


You’ll find examples of programs, step-by-step instructions and suggestions to create successful programs of your own. Our samples are presented as starting points to allow for brainstorming and creativity, and in matters of legal counsel or insurance it is recommended that you contact the appropriate local authority.


Complete Guide



Arabian Recreational Riding Program


The Arabian Recreational Riding Program (ARRP) is an online program that rewards riders for every hour they spend riding (or driving) their horse. Participants can submit entries for trail rides, ranch work, parades, riding lessons, local open shows (Saddle Club, 4-H, etc.) or just pleasure riding.





Achievement Awards


Earn recognition for you and your horse through the AHA Achievement Award programs. Amateur Riders can participate in the year-end points race. Horses earn Achievement Awards points and have permanent symbols added to their name, signifying honor and prestige.


Horse Achievement


AHA's premier recognition program for horses that actively compete. Achievement Awards symbols printed behind a horse's name provide a visible sign of honor and prestige. Horses earn points for competing and placing in AHA-recognized events, including: 


  • Breeding/In-Hand classes
  • Performance classes
  • Competitive trail rides
  • Endurance rides
  • Combined Driving
  • Arabian racing
  • Gymkhana
  • Dressage
  • Pleasure Carriage Driving
  • Eventing


Amatuer Achievement


Modeled after the popular Achievement Awards program, which tracks a horse's performance, the Amateur Achievement Awards (AAA) program assigns points to individual riders, handlers and drivers. Riders don't have to own the horse they compete with since this program tracks riders only. Available for youth and adults.


Qualifying classes and rides include AHA Recognized & U.S. Equestrian Federation/EC-rated shows and events; Endurance & Competitive Trail rides and open dressage classes; USEA Eventing; and some pole bending and barrel racing competitions in Arabian divisions.


Distance Programs


Ride your way to great rewards with these AHA Distance Ride Programs:


  • Distance Horse Awards
  • Competitive Distance Program
  • Frequent Rider Program
  • Competitive Trail High Point Program Awards
  • Endurance High Point Program Awards
  • Distance Horse of the Year Award
  • Horse Achievement Awards
  • Amateur Achievement Awards
  • Breeders Sweepstakes


Recognition Awards


The Ambassador Award, Open Competition Award, and Distance Horse of the Year Award are designed to recognize Arabian, Half-Arabian, and Anglo-Arabian horses that excel outside of AHA. The Ambassador Award is for outstanding achievement in representing the Arabian horse community to the general public. The horse must have achieved a unique accomplishment that showcases our breed. The Open Competition Award is for outstanding achievement in representing the Arabian horse community in areas of Open Competition and the horse must have received acknowledgement at the higher levels of competition and/or shown progressive and consistent accomplishment within a discipline. Distance Horse of the Year is an award that recognizes the significant accomplishment of an Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian horse that excels in distance sports.


Prize Money Programs


Competition Related Programs for AHA Shows & Rides

  AHA awards more than $1.5 million in annual prize money through the Breeders Sweepstakes, Halter Futurity and Performance Futurity/Maturity Programs. If you are a serious breeder committed to creating show ring quality horses, these programs allow you to showcase yearlings, two-year-olds and three-year-olds before Regional and National audiences. Halter Futurity winners can win thousands of dollars in just one class during their three-year-old year, and horses enrolled as a Breeding Entry are eligible to win prize money at the Regional and National level


Breeders Sweepstakes


  • Rewarding excellent breeding for almost 30 years
  • Adds excitement to the show ring - over $450,000 available at U.S. Nationals
  • Delivers substantial Breeder Incentives to mare owners
  • Pays prize money to Regional and National Events
  • Proven long-term viability
  • Flexible enough to add classes & larger payouts


Halter Futurity


Show off your young stock before a national audience in the most economical breeding program around -- Halter Futurities. For only $70 per horse/per country you can enroll an in-utero foal with an option to pay just $35 per horse/per year to renew. Three-year-olds may be presented at Canadian and/or U.S. Nationals to enthusiastic fans eager to see what horses and breeding programs are truly the best. Futurity horses have more market value, bring attention to your breeding program and attract new buyers.


Performance Futurity/Maturity


Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses can compete in Performance Futurity/Maturity classes at the U.S. Nationals. These classes feature the best of the breed's young horses. Some of these horses are sold before they even leave the arena, providing a wonderful marketplace to showcase the best and brightest that the industry has to offer.