Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes

'See Green' for You and Your Horse!   


Learn how to get in on the best way to 'Earn Your Green' for a lifetime...


 Over $1.2 million available in prize money for 2023!


Green Sweeps

  •      Rewarding excellent breeding for over 30 years           
  •      Adds excitement to the show ring
  •      Delivers substantial Breeder Incentives 
  •      Pays prize money to Regional and National Events
  •      Proven long-term viability
    •      The only way to receive the Sweepstakes stamp of approval on your horse's registration papers is by nominating your foals in-utero!     Flexible enough to add classes and larger payouts



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Breeding Entries


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Program Updates:

  • Effective April 1, 2023, the Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes late enrollment fee will increase to $150 per entry.


Every fourth Breeding Entry enrolled in the same year by the same owner may be enrolled at one half price.  The discount applies to each submission of at least four entries submitted at the same time.


New Sweepstakes Classes at MSN!


At the request of the Youth National Show Commission, the Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Commission met and approved the following classes to be designated Sweepstakes classes for Mid Summer Nationals beginning in 2023:


  • Arabian Ranch Horse Rail Pleasure AATR

  • HA/AA Ranch Horse Rail Pleasure AATR

  • Arabian Ranch Riding AATR

  • HA/AA Ranch Riding AATR


There will be $10,000 allocated to each class and will be paid out as follows:


  • Champion                               $2,500
  • Reserve Champion                $1,500
  • Top Ten                                    $750


These classes will be paid out by the 50% rule.  These classes are open to Sweepstakes and non-Sweepstakes horses and only the Sweepstakes horses enrolled as a Breeding or Original Entry are eligible to receive prize money.  These classes will be available only to horses enrolled as a Breeding or Original Entry in the 2026 competition year at Mid Summer Nationals.




Designated Sweepstakes Classes

These classes were selected from a standardized class list that makes it easy to identify and verify prize money payous.  Classes were selected to encourage breeders to nominate foals in-utero.


  • AHA Foreign Members Who Earn Prize Money

    Foreign residents winning prize money at an event held in the States will be subject to income tax of 30% per Internal Revenue Service regulations.  This amount will be withheld from total winnings.
    Click Here for More Information.



Breeder Incentive

  1. Breeder/Nominator Payback. The nominator of the Breeding Entry shall be awarded a payback equal to 10% of the prize money awarded to that entry at National and Regional events provided all Sweepstakes requirements are met. Payback money will be paid to the original nominator of the Breeding Entry.
  2. Nominated Sire Payback. The owner of a Nominated Sire shall be awarded a payback equal to 5% of the prize money earned to each of the sire's offspring as a Breeding Entry at National and Regional Shows provided that the Nominated Sire was enrolled in Sweepstakes as a Nominated Sire at the time of the shows. (Nominated Sire Payback only pertains to Nominated Sires enrolled prior to December 31, 2009).




  • Breeding Entry
  • Nominated Sire
  • Discounted Nominated Sire/Non-Arabian Nominated Sire
(Applies to Colts/Stallions already enrolled as Breeding Entries)
  • Nominated Dam/Non-Arabian Nominated Dam

Nominated Sire/Nominated Dam Packet

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SHN AOTR Jackpot Payouts

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For additional information, contact Competition Services at 303.696.4500 Option 1