Creating Lifelong Friendships Through Horses

Love to hang out with Arabian horses? Looking for scholarships, tips and more? Whether you own a horse or not, the Arabian Horse Youth Association is for all horse-crazy kids 18 and under. AHYA has incredible opportunities to meet new two- and four-legged friends! Engage with others at competitions, show your horses, enter cool contests, win awards and even have a voice in governing your youth association – all with AHYA. Your Arabian horse adventure awaits!





I'm supposed to do WHAT?? Bring a friend to the barn!
By Katie Treadwell

February 2018

Quite a few people don’t have the option to bring friends with them to the barn to ride their horse, but if you can, it’s some of the best memories you’ll make with your friends. Many of my ‘school’ friends have never been on a horse, let alone brushed one.

5 New Year Resolutions That All Equestrians Need (or at least I do)
By Danika Overstreet

January 2018

The new year is right around the corner, and while I am spending my last few days of winter break relaxing and desperately trying not to think about finals coming up, I have also had some time to ...

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