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Northwest EquestFest, Part 2
By Danika Overstreet

February 2017

This January 7th I found myself once again surrounded by one of the most passionate and inspiring groups of people I know, my region! Region 5 held another Equestfest this year to celebrate our passion for these beloved creatures as well as educate ourselves and any public...

By Makena Echenique

January 2017

Ever since I was roughly 3 years old, I’ve been around horses. I’ve been in this lifelong team with horses for a long time, starting with my first pony named Spanky. Granted, I didn’t quite understand what I was doing on the back of the horse until age 8. I began understanding that riding a horse was a 2-way conversation...

Managing Horses and School
By Gigi Hurst

December 2016

Many youth today are into equestrian sports. But, after some time, many youth find it hard to balance schoolwork and riding at the same time. ...