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Why Do We Wear White Breeches?
By Liz Elken

April 2017

Those of us who show in Dressage, Sport Horse Under Saddle, and Show Hack may be wondering: whose brilliant idea was it to wear white breeches? Especially for those who prepare their own horse(s) at shows, white breeches are hard to keep clean. The tiniest speck of dirt can ruin the picture of cleanliness that we present to the judges. So, this prompted an investigation: whose idea was it?

Take a Chill Pill!
By Kailey Wessel

March 2017

We’ve all been there. There you are, all dressed up, on your horse in the warm up ring. Everyone’s telling you that you look great and you are feeling it too. But then, the announcer comes on and says those dreaded words "Class number whatever it is may now enter the arena." All of a sudden you've forgotten...

Mountains and Valleys
By Makena Echenique

March 2017

Having a horse is full of metaphorical ‘mountains and valleys’. There are high points, and there are low points. Some days you’ll be on top of your game and pretty positive that you’re ready for Nationals. Other days you might feel like...