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Be a Hero Challenge

Let's stop bullying and encourage great sportsmanship! #RiseUpAndBeAHero


You don’t need superpowers to be a hero this show season. Through showing good deeds and sportsmanship both in and out of the arena, we can all do our part in helping grow the confidence of our teammates and provide a positive environment to celebrate the Arabian horse!


Each of you have the ability to brighten someone’s day. Your actions have the power to make a lasting impact. Each month, we challenge you to share your #RiseUpAndBeAHero moments on different challenges. Share your stories via social media posts, videos or stories for a chance to win great prizes.

Monthly challenges:

  1. February - Lend a helping hand
  2. March - Do a volunteer project
  3. April - Make a new friend
  4. May - Introduce someone new to your horse
  5. June - Show your appreciation for a volunteer or show staff person
  6. July - Say congratulations to a fellow competitor, good job, good luck
  7. August - Compliment a person from another barn
  8. September - Appreciate your barn family
  9. October - Win or lose gracefully, Share a smile even if you lose
  10. November - Remember where you come from
  11. December - Share your story

Tag @arabianhorseyouth #RiseUpAndBeAHero and #RiseUpAndRideOn in your social media posts for the chance to be featured on our pages. We will be sharing more info about each challenge during its designated month and give some ideas on how you can share your #BeAHero story.

Rise Up and Ride On

 AHYA Board members Payne Harper and Cole Reser are taking a stand against bullying. Join them by signing this pledge to help stop bullying and standing up for those being bullied. Click on the pledge below to sign up and you will be mailed a Rise Up and Ride On bracelet.


Those that have taken the pledge


Region 1

  • Megan Bryant
  • Mimi Gaffey
  • Bella Fajardo
  • Kate Dobrotin
  • Jaida

Region 2

  • Lindsay Hankins
  • Ian Medina
  • Dante Medina
  • Marianna Graziadio

Region 3

  • Emily McDowell
  • Kasey Kreske
  • Grace Casteel
  • Sophie Yih
  • Marilyn Berry
  • Nicole Kurszewska
  • Jillian Larrabee
  • Abigail Larrabee
  • Riley Beatty
  • Vail Ryckebosch

Region 4

  • Frannie Wissman
  • Bianca Massman
  • Nicole Moore
  • Targen Todd
  • Christian Toy
  • Malakai
  • Brooklynn Hogan
  • Alana Becker
  • Alea Stahl

Region 5

  •  Lily Gramling
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Audrey Price
  • Lindsay Gramling
  • Grace Smith
  • Emelia
  • Bristol
  • Amanda Ploegman
  • Delaney
  • Charlee Pendleton
  • Taylor Vondrotin
  • Sophia Huffman
  • Erin Zetterberg

Region 6

  • Cannon Zass

Region 7

  • Emily Stucky
  • Isobel Comolli
  • Megan Davies
  • Madison Smith
  • Stella Ziouras
  • Mackenna Basteyns
  • Lily Sandell
  • Jordyn Libberton
  • Tristen Wikel
  • Bridget Smith
  • Rose Scoggin
  • Peyton Barker
  • Sophia Kuder
  • Bryton Bien
  • Rene Ramirez Jr
  • Georgina Ramirez
  • Abbigail Williams
  • Olivia Shanks
  • Emily Caulkins
  • Amelle Capel-Beckstead
  • Abby Kirby
  • Enaya Carroll
  • Claire Forsblade
  • Mckenna Bein
  • Taylor Burgess
  • Madison Cocuzza
  • Alicia Ward
  • Tea Cavalli
  • Callie Kozber
  • Abbigail Williams

Region 8

  • Marina Vaughan
  • Makenna Martinez
  • Savanna Luedtke
  • Brooke
  • Avery Williams
  • Jessica Jacobucci
  • Morgan Vaughan
  • Harper Hamill
  • Anne Burton
  • Amanda Miller
  • Katja Zimmer
  • Hannah Chambers
  • Caleigh Copenhaver
  • Delaney Haight
  • Ashlyn Lawton

Region 9

  • Hannah Jones
  • Caroline Davis
  • William Peterson
  • Chloe Harper
  • Riley Lallo
  • Libby Allison
  • Lauren Olson
  • Claire Robertson
  • Halle Potts
  • Cole Reser
  • Riley Green
  • Bella Sobral
  • Ashlyn Koy
  • Payne Harper
  • Sarah Porter
  • Sydney Jorgenson
  • Caylee Dearth
  • Alyssa Duncan
  • Emma Williams
  • Katie Frarer
  • Lennon
  • Trinity Helton
  • Theodore Farnsworth
  • Ashlyn Koy
  • Jonah Weddle
  • Natalie Gordon
  • Angela Gordon
  • Morganne Bigham
  • Kathie Hart
  • Pamela Gaukt
  • Candence Nielsen
  • Goslin Nix Equestrian Center
  • Jake Ahmond
  • Fei Hampton
  • Jessica Pado

Region 10

  • Rachel Ward
  • Madison Rose
  • Lily Timmons
  • Mary Ward
  • Justin Rose
  • Brooke Backlund
  • Harlow Galvin
  • Gretchen Behnke
  • Logan Wilson
  • Mike Van Handel
  • Alexis Van Handel
  • Kayley Simpson
  • Gail Rentmeester
  • Jamie Buedler
  • Mia Andrejeski
  • Simone Schneekloth
  • Abigail Stegenga
  • Elizabeth Allard
  • Allison Brost
  • Lana Erickson
  • Sarah Erickson
  • Jenna Gentry

Region 11

  • Teagan
  • Melody Walker
  • Allie Derrole
  • Alexa Mayer
  • Katie France
  • Savanna DeMott
  • Sevana Skinner
  • Taylor Richman
  • Libby Montgomery
  • Lilyana Carrion
  • Luella Walker
  • Caroline Elik
  • Ashley Lounsberry
  • Rachel Powell
  • Sophia Novosel
  • Shannon Riley
  • Mikaela Foster
  • Taylor Smith
  • Vivianne Herich
  • Kambell Henry

Region 12

  • Hallie Zimmerman
  • Rylie DeBarge
  • Jacqueline Garcia
  • Sarah Kirkpatrick
  • Cecilia Hernandez-Macia
  • Ewa Garmendia
  • Caleigh Coleman
  • Rylee Zell
  • Alana Hasman
  • Kate Walsh
  • Elinor Samarias
  • Molly McGraw
  • Sadie Honeyman
  • Carolyn Moussa
  • Lluvia Sommer
  • Savannah Sheppard

Region 13

  • Bostyn Leffler
  • Lakely Luton
  • Stephanie Barris
  • Addi Eppink
  • Jeanie Stanton
  • Kathleen Mears
  • Brandie Vanstee
  • Vincent Turner
  • Addison Adams

Region 14

  • Skylar Young
  • Ryley Egan

Region 15

  • Leora
  • Nolan Hein
  • Carson
  • Elizabeth Graves
  • Isabella

Region 16

  • Jeanne Zirolli
  • Karen Miller

Region 17

  • Terry Johnson
  • Kade Brassington



 Youth Convention


2020 Convention

BeAHero_horizontalTo protect the health and safety of attendees and staff, the 2020 AHYA Convention will be held online and we want you to join us!


AHYA Convention will be available from July 10th - July 25th. The 2020-2021 AHYA Executive Officers will be announced on July 16th.


The AHYA Convention will cover the Who, What, Where, Why, and How of AHYA. We are excited and hope you join us! AHYA Convention is open to everyone and you do not need to be an AHYA member to participate.


Register Here




Arabian Horse Hippology Contest

AHA would like to invite 4-H, FFA, and AHA Teams to participate in the Arabian Horse Hippology Contest.


After much discussion, the Arabian Horse Youth Committee has voted to move the Annual Arabian Horse Judging Contest and Arabian Horse Hippology contest to a virtual platform. This decision was made first and foremost with the health and safety of competitors, judges, and all participants in mind. We fully intend to embrace this chance to give all involved the virtual opportunity to compete in a way that will retain the integrity and fun of the events!


2020 Arabian Horse Hippology Virtual Contest


  • November 7, 2020 - Online via the Zoom Platform
  • Entry Form
  • Contest Rules and Resources
  • For 2020 Contest - High Individual Overall and/or contestants on the High Overall Team will not lose their eligibility for future contests.


Please contact with any questions.


AHYA Judging Contest Logo

Enter the 2020 Arabian Horse National Judging Contest!


AHA would like to invite 4-H, FFA, AHA and Collegiate Judging Teams to JC-NEW-LOGO-Final-NoDateparticipate in the 50th annual Arabian Horse Judging Contest.


After much discussion, the Arabian Horse Youth Committee has voted to move the Annual Arabian Horse Judging Contest and Arabian Horse Hippology contest to a virtual platform. This decision was made first and foremost with the health and safety of competitors, judges, and all participants in mind. We fully intend to embrace this chance to give all involved the virtual opportunity to compete in a way that will retain the integrity and fun of the events!



2020 Arabian Horse Judging Virtual Contest

For more information, contact Youth & Family Programs Coordinator, at (303) 696-4505 or

2020 Spring Online Judging Contest



13&Under Division (14 entries):


19-30 Divison (11 entries):


  CHAMPION: Hannah Huffman - 237     CHAMPION: Andrea Lowen - 243
  TOP FIVE: Lexi Vrabec - 237
(tie broken on class #2 score)
    TOP FIVE: Amy Wyse - 241
    Lindsay Kuster - 234       Caitlyn Cass - 235
    Talisa Thomas - 234       Michelle Heinz - 235
    Madelynn Mohr - 229       Emily Prugh - 231


14-18 Division (29 entries):


31&Over Division (14 entries):


  CHAMPION: Lydia Visser - 243     CHAMPION: Michelle Wiberg - 239
  TOP FIVE: Sophia Huffman - 241     TOP FIVE: Jenna Bailey - 236
    Olivia Charles - 240       Nicole Grieselhuber - 236
    Stacey McKnight - 237.5       Misty Odett - 234
    Brianna Rhodes - 233       Kari Albiol-Miner - 230


Official Placings:

Class #1: Half Arabian Mares   1-4-3-2     cuts 2-2-2

Class #2: Showmanship            1-2-4-3     cuts 2-1-4

Class #3: Country English Pleasure     1-3-4-2     cuts 2-1-2

Class #4: Purebred Geldings     1-4-3-2     cuts 1-3-1


Example Showmanship Written Reasons


RYTT SubBrand Logo

UPDATE! The Arabian Horse Association values the safety of its members above all else. Therefore, in light of the circumstances and based on the recommendations of those involved, the Regional Youth Team Tournament will be postponed until 2021. This decision was first and foremost to protect the health and safety of our talented Youth and their amazing support systems, but also to maintain the integrity of the Tournament. Any teams that have already submitted their entries will be refunded.

Although we will miss you all and your hard work this year, we are looking forward to next season. Please share this with your regions and anyone else that this is pertinent to. Thank you!



Want to earn points and win prizes with your friends, or make new friends through showing and riding? The Regional Youth Team Tournament offers youth the opportunity to form teams which work together to earn points. These points, earned from both recognized and non-recognized shows and rides, lead to great year-end awards for the high scoring teams. In addition to these awards, winners are posted on the AHA youth webpage, and in Arabian Horse Life magazine.


Contact your regional youth team tournament secretary today and get a team together. Teams are due APRIL 1st of each year.


Entry form

Points Tally Sheet

Official Winners Report form

Rules and Point System (Changes for 2020)





Regional Youth Team Tournament Secretaries

Region 1

Debbie Price

7031 Opal St.

Alta Loma, CA 91701


Region 2

Meaghan Shaffer

Region 3

Region 4

Please contact 

Region 5

Michelle Pease-Paulsen 

Region 6

Region 7

Region 8

Cindy Howey
316.200.6874 (M)
316.445.2150 (H)

Region 9

Debbie Himmel
515 Back Project Rd
Schriever, LA 70395

Region 10

Heidi Elmer - Beck

5632 N Eagle Road

Evansville, WI 53536


Region 11

April Nickelson
2083 Hwy NN
Ironton, MO 63650

Region 12

Denise Lineberry


Region 13

Rosemary Cate
23369 County Club Lane

Grosse Ile, MI 48138

Region 14

Debra J. Swigart
5310 Grantland Drive
Dayton, OH 45429

Region 15

Please contact 

Region 16

Brooke Foti Gemmell


Region 17

Region 18

Katherine Monk
11 Earl Street
Streetsville, Ontario
Canada L5M 1N6


YOTY SubBrand Logo


YOTY small

AHA youth members are anything but average, and we know it! In fact, AHA offers the Youth of the Year award, which honors one outstanding youth member annually. The Youth of the Year is selected for his or her achievements and contributions to the Arabian horse industry, AHA, and his or her community. In addition to previous achievements, the successful Youth of the Year candidate will show dedication to the Arabian breed and a desire to remain involved in the industry, serving as an ambassador and role model within the Arabian horse community. The winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship sponsored by the Arabian Horse Foundation. They will also be honored on the youth website, recognized at Youth Nationals, and have the opportunity to work on a special interest project to help improve the Arabian horse industry.


All applications are due September 1 of the given year. Please see the current AHA Handbook for complete rules.



If you would like to apply for Youth of the Year, application forms can be found here.


See who won last year.



Helping youth fulfill educational goals

National Arabian Horse Judging Contest

Contestants in the National Arabian Horse Judging Contest at U.S. Nationals in October have the opportunity to win $7,000 in total individual and team scholarship awards across the three divisions: 4-H/FFA, Junior AHA, and Senior AHA/Collegiate. Learn more about the judging contest and download an entry form, due Sept. 23, here.


Club and Affiliate Scholarships

Click here for a list of all the scholarships available from our local clubs and affiliate equine associations.



AHYA Board of Director Scholarships

AHYA is working to find a new way to encourage youth to participate on the AHYA Board of Directors. Each Regional Youth Director and Executive Officer will have the oppotunity to qualify for a scholarship. To qualify they must meet certain requirements that show their participation and that they have an active role in AHYA, as well as developing them into future leaders.  


Arabian Horse Foundation

In a convenient one-stop shopping approach, the Arabian Horse Foundation allows students to fill out a single application that automatically makes them eligible for all memorial and regional scholarships. The Arabian Horse Foundation Scholarship Application deadline is April 1 of each year.

The Arabian Horse Foundation is a 501(c)3 IRS approved charity and is affiliated with the Arabian Horse Association. Members of AHA can make donations to the AHF when they renew their memberships or can go to the AHF's website: The AHF supports youth educationand research in genetic diseases in the Arabian horse. Please consider a donation.


YNL Scholarships

The Arabian Horse Foundation, AHF, is thrilled to announce the continuation of the scholarship program at The Arabian Horse Association's Youth National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show. Avaliable Scholarships TBA.