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If you’ve never encountered an Arabian horse up close, start your adventure by visiting a Discovery Farm. This unique program offers you the opportunity to explore Arabian horses at farms where knowledgeable owners are delighted to introduce you to their horses and answer questions in a relaxed, no-pressure, non-sales atmosphere. You’ll learn all about the breed characteristics, and gain first hand knowledge of what makes this breed truly special. There are hundreds of Discovery Farms across the country and you can easily locate several near you.


Visit a Discovery Farm


"What a marvelous experience! They were extremely gracious with their time and information and truly provided a wonderful introduction to Arabians”

Letter from Discovery Farm visitors, Richard & Linda Mauer

November 10, 2003


Dear Arabian Horse Association,


We went to visit Cedarwood Farm (Dr. & Mrs. Larry Fedewa) in Clifton, Virginia on Saturday, November 9, 2003.


What a marvelous experience! They were extremely gracious with their time and information and truly provided a wonderful introduction to Arabians. They have magnificent animals and one of the cleanest and well-kept stables/pastures I've seen. Their attitude toward their horses and the care they provide was exemplary!


My husband and I are taking riding lessons again (after an approximate 20 year hiatus) and are not in a hurry to purchase horses. We want to make sure the horses we do purchase match both of us as best as we can. We would rather wait and get the right horse that will be an integral part of our family. The more we've been looking and speaking with horse people, the more we feel Arabians are the right temperament for us both. It may be that the best decision for us is to gain greater experience riding and training before we make a purchase.


I also want to thank you for having the best horse website with the most information for prospective Arabian owners of anyone else out there. None of the other horse breeds or associations have their act together as well as the Arabian community. Thank you so much for being there for novices such as ourselves. The information is very comprehensive, complete and thorough. Your concept of Discovery Farms and Mentors is outstanding! The dog show world could really take a lesson from you!


Thank you again for all of the terrific information and contacts you've provided to us!


Best Regards,

Richard & Linda Maurer

Great Falls, VA

"Karin gave us a wonderful tour of her farm and took a great deal of time showing us her Arabians"

Letter from Discovery Farm visitor, Molly Treiber:


Today my daughter, granddaughter and I visited one of your Discovery Farms. Hawks Flight Farm in Sarasota, Florida.


I just wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful experience it was. Karin gave us a wonderful tour of her farm and took a great deal of time showing us her Arabians and giving us lots of information about the breed. She is a definite asset to your organization and your Discovery Farm program. My daughter, granddaughter and I hope to become owners of our own Arabs in the near future.


Thanks for implementing such a fine program and for having such a great person as Karin involved.



Molly Treiber, Tiffany Zigler and Lily Zigler

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If you own Arabian horses and want to share your passion for the Arabian breed with newcomers, sign up to become a Discovery Farm and share your knowledge about the Arabian horse with interested visitors of all ages and equine backgrounds. AHA will assist you by providing promotional literature to help promote the breed to your farm visitors. To become a Discovery Farm, you must be a current AHA member and a $30 fee is required (if you sign up after January 1, 2017). Discovery Farms must renew yearly for a $30 fee. Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) members must be current CHA members to become a Discovery Farm. As a current CHA member, you receive your first year as a Discovery Farm for FREE. You must renew yearly but receive a discounted rate of $10 for the renewal fee.


Have questions or would you like to send us an update/pictures about an event that happened at your Discovery Farm? Email We always love to hear from our Farms!


Become a Discovery Farm 


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Want to make your Discovery Farm program extrodinary but not sure where to start? Check out the different Discovery Farm material and program ideas available to you. 


  • Discovery Farm Packet - The packet contains a press release, event flier, Arabian horse promotion material and more to help you kick start your Discovery Farm program.


  • Discovery Farm Logo - The Discovery Farm logo can be used on your farm website, farm promotional material or any other place you can think of to help promote the Discovery Farm program.


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  • Discovery Farm Sign - Want to show your Discovery Farm pride? Show it with a FREE sign! You can hang this at your barn, on the road or a million of other places to show the world where they can come to discover the Arabian horse. If you would like a sign, email with your mailing address.