This weeks clinic: Horsemanship


Video Requirements: Video must be under 3 minutes and can be of any pattern. Please note what pattern you are riding in the form.


Clinician/Judge: Kathy Callahan-Smith


Submission Deadline: Submissions will be accepted Monday June 29th - July 13th


Virtual Clinic costs $30 per video. ($15 will be going back to AHA and $15 will be going to the clinician)


Videos can be uploaded with a google account or by providing a URL (i.e. a youtube link etc.)

Video Requirements

  1. Please submit videos without audio.
  2. Make sure the footage you submit is clear. Shaky or blurry footage will be difficult for the judge to assess. We want to make sure the judge is able to clearly see all maneuvers of the pattern for a thorough evaluation.


Once your information is submitted and processed the clinician/judge will review and voice record their critique. Videos will be returned within a week of submission. Please contact with any questions or concerns.




You will be directed to sign into your membership when you click this button as the clinics are a member only activity.