Show Management Information




Added class fees have been reduced from $30 to $15 per class.

The will now be a $15 charge per held TBA in which the TBA slot is filled with an AHA Recognized class code and results are reported.  If a TBA slot is not held as an AHA Recognized class, there is NO charge.




Biosecurity is defined as a set of preventative measures to help avoid the transmission of infectious diseases in livestock. As members of the horse show community, we are constantly putting our horses at risk to contract infections from unknown sources. Please check with the local facility, county and/or state regarding guidelines. In addition, please check areas where you may be traveling through or laying over.

Here are informative biosecurity links:




  • Check out the current AHA Handbook here.



Sweepstakes Information




  • Show results should be submitted electronically
  • Shows that are unable to submit results in an approved electronic format will be assessed a $50 office fee for hand entry
  • AHA Post Competition Horse fee is 5.00 per horse/per recognition number
  • Judges & Stewards Education (9-90) must be submitted with Show Results
    • The fee for AHA Recognized Local Shows is $5 per horse entered -  
    • The fee for Concurrent Shows is $10 per horse entered
    • The fee for AHA Regional Championship shows is $20 per horse entered 




Recognized Event Logo


When horse shows and/or rides are recognized by AHA, they are granted a limited, non-commercial license to use the AHA Recognized Competition Logo in premium lists, show programs and advertisements for the show/ride to signify recognition by AHA. Such a limited license is conditional upon receiving AHA recognition and upon compliance with all trademark usage guidelines which AHA may require from time to time. The design cannot be used for any other purpose without written permission from AHA and the (SM) symbol must also appear as part of the logo when reproduced.