Distance Programs

Distance Horse Awards


  • A program for your horse!
  • Recognition for completed miles in endurance and competitive trail
  • Perpetual plaque awarded at 500 miles
  • Mileage markers at each additional 500 miles completed
  • $40 initial enrollment and $35 annual renewal fee
  • Purchase back mileage for $75 per year


Competitive Distance Program


  • A program for riders!
  • Recognition and prizes for riders who compete in: Endurance, Competitive Trail and/or Ride and Tie
  • Ability to compete on multiple horses
  • Multi-level prize and award system
  • Totally FREE online program for members. Sign up and track miles by logging into the Members Only area and choosing "My Account"


Competitive Trail High Point Program Awards


  • Year-end program held in cooperation with recognized competitive trail organizations
  • AHA provides nice blanket or cooler awards to high point horses selected by participating organizations
  • Winners must meet the following criteria: (1) ride a registered Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian; (2) be current AHA members; and (3) compete in at least five rides sponsored by that organization
  • Download the CTR High-Point Award Application form.


Endurance High Point Program Awards


AERC high-point horses in the 100-mile and Middle Distance (50-99 mile) categories receive a nice product award at the Annual AERC Convention. Because AERC does not track points specifically in the 50-99 mile category, individuals interested in that award category must submit an AHA Endurance Horse High-Point Middle Distance Award Application form and send it to AHA by December 31.


Distance Horse of the Year Award


  • Recognizes significant accomplishments of a registered Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian in distance sports
  • Nomination deadline is September 1st of each calendar year
  • Download the Distance Horse of the Year Award Nomination form.