Exhibitor Information


Important Dates & Deadlines

Canadian Nationals - August 14-20, 2022, Brandon, MB


Important Entry Form Information


  • Exhibitors are advised to use a form of expedited, traceable mail service when sending entries in order to ensure that their entries are received. 
    • METERED MAIL will only be accepted with an official postmark from a post office from the country of origin that indicates the location and date the Postal Service accepted custody of a mailpiece, and it cancels affixed postage.


  • Entry Deadline - Thursday June 23 Midnight (MT)
  • All Dressage & Sport Horse IH entries close June 8
  • Post Entry Deadlines
    • June 24 thru July 26 midnight (MT) - Online entries will be available
      • $525.00 per horse
      • please check the optional post fee
    • July 26 thru Friday August 12 noon (local time) - must be mailed in or hand delivered
      • $525.00 per horse
    • Adding classes for horses already entered
      • Must be entered on an entry form and waivers signed
      • June 24 - August 12 Entry fee plus $100.00 late fee per class
      • Regardless of when qualified
  • Close for all new horses and added classes - August 12 @ 6 pm Local Time


  • Un-Qualified Classes
    • Horses and riders that are not qualified as of the closing date of June 21 but intend to qualify before the start of the show must enter. Failure to qualify for any class will results in a refund for that class.  If a qualification can not be verified, a qualification form signed by the show secretary from the qualifying show may be required before the non-qualified class will be qualified.



Arrival & Stabling Information

  • Barn Manager Tony Caughell - cynot1465@shaw.ca
  • Group Stabling due July 5 Midnight (MT) In-House/Electronically Dated
  • Stalls Available 8 am Friday Aucust 12
  • NO ARRIVAL prior to noon Tuesday August 9
  • If you enter after July 5 you must contact the barn manager for stalls





Border Crossing

Border crossing into and out of Canada requires proof of citizenship by means of a passport.  For complete information check out the following links.

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