AHA Invoices & Statements

Check your email regarding Invoices and Statements from AHA.  For members who have a valid email address on file, AHA invoices and statements will be emailed to that specific account.   If a valid email address is not on file, they will be sent via U.S. Mail.


Invoices are emailed the day after a transaction is processed.  They will list the transaction/work that has been processed.  It will show if there is an outstanding balance or if the transaction has been paid in full.


Statements are sent out once a month.  They will list any outstanding payment that is needed in order to complete a transaction or if it has been paid in full.  Statements will also list if there is a $0 balance on the account for any transaction that has been submitted within the last 30 days.  Be sure to check the bottom of the statement to see the “Total Amount Due” to see if there is an outstanding balance or if there is a $0 balance on the account.


Payments can be made to AHA via a mailed check, or by credit card by logging on the AHA website under the account the work was transacted, or by contacting an AHA Customer Service Representative to provide credit card payment over the phone.


Effective June 1, 2019, a required 3% Convenience Fee (calculated by AHA) will be added to payments made by card.  A Convenience Fee charge does not apply if the customer submits payment by cash, check or money order.  AHA DOES NOT keep credit card information on file for security purposes.


To obtain additional information regarding AHA Invoices and Statements, contact AHA at 303.696.4500.