Upcoming Website Changes
Incentive Program Changes

Beginning July 1, some programs and sections of the old website will not be accessible while we migrate and update them to our current website.


The programs that will not be accessible during this time are the Incentive Programs which are still run off of our old legacy website. During the time that the Incentive Programs are not accessible we will be working on updating the Frequent Rider Program (FRP) to integrate it with our current site. The other two programs Competitive Distance Program (CDP) and Open Event Incentive Program (OEIP) will not be updated. At the end of this year those programs will no longer continue.


Participants in all three Incentive Programs will be able to still submit their hours, miles and points for the remainder of the year via Google Forms. Those that are enrolled in the CDP and OEIP programs will be able to work towards their next milestones and year end awards. For those enrolled in the FRP Program, hours will be added in to their current logs and visible under their account homepage once the new version of FRP is brought online for members.


Below are links to the Google Forms for the different programs to log entries. If you are unsure of the horses registered to your Incentive Program account, please email IncentivePrograms@arabianhorses.org and a list of your horses will be emailed to you.


  • The FRP Hour Log is available here.


As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your competitions services representative by email info.comp@arabianhorses.org or by phone 303-696-4500 option 4.



Marketplace Changes

In addition, the current Arabians for Sale and Stallions at Stud sections of the website will not be available while we migrate them to the new website. When those sections are brought back online they will be tied directly in to DataSource to make submitting an ad and finding a horse for sale much easier.


If you have any questions about the upcoming changes to the marketplace please email marketplace@arabianhorses.org.