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November 30, 2015     
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Youth Scholarships

Helping youth fulfill educational goals

All Scholarships Avaliable

Arabian Horse Youth Association

Youth of the Year

AHYA members are eligible to apply for the annual Youth of the Year competition, which awards scholarships to both the winner and the first runner up. The application deadline is September 1 of the given year; find applications and more info here. Thank you to All Things Equine, our sponsor for the runner-up scholarship award.

National Arabian Horse Judging Contest

Contestants in the National Arabian Horse Judging Contest at U.S. Nationals in October have the opportunity to win $7,000 in total individual and team scholarship awards across the three divisions: 4-H/FFA, junior AHA, and senior AHA/collegiate. Learn more about the judging contest and download an entry form, due Sept. 22, here.

For more information about scholarships provided by the AHYA and AHA, please contact youth@arabianhorses.org or call (303) 696-4505.

Youth Scholarship Sponsored By Markel

  1. The 2015 Highpoint Scholarship sponsored by Markel is designed to award the versatility and teamwork that occurs between an Arabian/HA/AA horse and its youth rider.
  2. One Horse & One Rider in the 14-18 Age Group.
  3. Must have a showmanship/In hand class, one equitation class and one under saddle class (any performance to include pleasure, costume, sidesaddle, working western, reining)
  4. One horse may be used for two riders, provided that 3 separate classes are designated.
  5. Scholarship at Youth Nationals will be $5,000 ($3,500 to Champion and $1,500 to Reserve Champion)
  6. Region 7, Region 10, and Region 15 Shows will receive $1,000 ($750 to Champion and $250 to Reserve Champion)
  7. Points:
    • National Championship/Regional Championship, 20 points
    • National/ Regional Reserve Championship 15 points
    • Top Ten/Top 5 10 points
    • A/B Cut, 5 points
  8. Ties will be broken 1st on the Showmanship placing, 2nd on the Equitation placing, and finally on the Under Saddle placing. If there still remains a tie after applying the tie breakers, then the funds will be divided as follows:
    1. If there is a two or more way tie for Champion then the funds would be combined for Champion and Reserve and divided equally to each individual involved in the tie.
    2. If there is a clear winner for Champion, but a two or more way tie for Reserve, then the Reserve amount will be divided equally for those involved in the Reserve tie.
  9. Under Saddle classes may come from any division but must be designated at time of entry. The form must be completed and submitted to the show office up until the day of the show.
  10. Additional Daily High Point goodies to be provided.
  11. Registration can be processed up until the day of the show.
  12. Registration form provided by AHA
Dollars will be held in escrow with the Arabian Horse Foundation
Letter of college acceptance will be needed to be provided for access to scholarship funds
Formal letter will be provided by Markel and AHA to Champion and Reserve Championships

Click here for Application

YNL Scholarships

The Arabian Horse Foundation, AHF, is thrilled to announce the continuation of the scholarship program at The Arabian Horse Association's Youth National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show. Scholarships will be awarded to the following:
  • Arabian Saddle Seat Equitation 14-18 Champion: $1,000, Reserve Champion: $500
  • Arabian Saddle Seat Equitation 13 & Under Champion: $1,000, Reserve Champion: $500
  • Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Saddle Seat Equitation 14-18 Reserve Champion: $500
  • Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Saddle Seat Equitation 13 & Under Champion: $1,000, Reserve Champion: $500
This scholarship program is generously funded by Gwendolyn Landers. The AHF thanks Gwendolyn Landers for her support of our youth.

AHF is also proud to announce that scholarships will also be offered in the Western Divisions. Scholarships will be awarded as follows:
  • Arabian Western Pleasure 14-18 JOTR Champion $1,000, Reserve Champion: $500
  • Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Western Pleasure 14-18 JOTR Chmapion: $1,000. Reserve Champion: $500
This scholarship program is generously funded by Shamrock Farms and Lesley Farms. The AHF thanks Shamrock Farms and Lesley Farms for her support of our youth.

The Hollywood Toi Foundation is proudly sponsoring a $2,000 scholarship to the Champion of the Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Saddle Seat Equitation 14-18 class.

AHF will also be awarding a scholarship to the Purebred Arabian JTR 14-18 English Pleasure class. Champion will receive $1,000 and the Reserve Champion will receive $500. This scholarship is generously funded in the name of Norm Dunn.

The Arabian Horse Foundation is a 501(c)3 IRS approved charity and is affiliated with the Arabian Horse Association. Members of AHA can make donations to the AHF when they renew their memberships or can go to the AHF's website: www.thearabianhorsefoundation.org. The AHF supports youth education and research in genetic diseases in the Arabian horse. Please consider a donation.

Arabian Horse Foundation

In a convenient one-stop shopping approach, the Arabian Horse Foundation allows students to fill out a single application that automatically makes them eligible for all memorial and regional scholarships. The deadline for application is April 1 each year.

The Arabian Horse Foundation Scholarship Application deadline is April 1 of each year.

For questions regarding the Arabian Horse Foundation or Scholarships, please contact:



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