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November 25, 2015     
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Leg Up: A Ready-to-Use Lesson Series About Arabian Horses

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Youth Leaders:
Do you want help preparing fun, effective lessons for your youth group? Arabian Horse Association presents Leg Up: A Ready-to-Use Lesson Series about Arabian horses.

Each Leg Up lesson plan is a compact but comprehensive presentation suitable for youth. You can use every plan “as is,” or easily modify it to suit your group’s age and knowledge.

Every Leg Up lesson is free of charge and includes a comprehensive lecture outline, Arabian horse trivia, games, and visual aids. Start today by downloading a Leg Up lesson below. Leg Up is free to youth leaders, so spread the word!

We hope your youth group enjoys exploring the world’s most beautiful athlete- the Arabian horse!!!
Choose your next Leg Up Lesson
Breed History  (PDF 713Kb)
Evolution of Popular Breeds  (PDF 704Kb)
Conformation and Breed Characteristics  (PDF 1.2Mb)
Points of Evaluation  (PDF 1.4Mb)


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