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November 29, 2015     
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Since 1908 the AHA Registry has registered over 1 million Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses ensuring the integrity and perpetuation of the breed. Registration increases the value of your horse, makes it more marketable and opens the door to many local, regional and national activities available to registered horses.

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  • AHA Launches Stallion Reports to Increase Registration
    Stallion Reports are back! Effective in 2007, the AHA Registry has reinstituted stallion reports in an effort to acquire names of mares bred and aggressively encourage the registration of new foals. 

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Registration FAQ's


I was recently asked the question, “Why do you believe a horse should be registered?”. I had to stop and think, it has never entered my mind NOT to register one of my foals or to transfer ownership of a horse that we have purchased. We have been breeding purebred and part-bred Arabian horses since the early 1960’s. We have been fortunate in that many or our horses have gone on to great show careers and may have been prominent as sires and broodmares. On the other side, some of our horses have been sold to families as companion and trail horses. No matter where the horse went, we wanted to make sure that this horse we planned and bred would travel with its heritage intact. We wanted to be able to go on Datasource and see what foals the stallions and mares had sired or produced. We also wanted to be able to look at show records and to see who the current owner of a horse was and possibly reconnect with the new owner. We like to remain “part of the family” of the horse that we have bred and sold. When the registration papers are current and follow the horse then we are able to follow that horse through its life. We encourage buyers to transfer the registration papers, even when they don’t plan to show. I explain to them that in the case of a sale of the horse, his papers should go with him and be current for his best interest. We are considered small breeders. We have to work hard to be able to afford to have our Arabian horses and we feel that we owe it to any foal that we breed the opportunity to have his legacy, in the form of registration papers.

Pat Hendershot
Trade Winds Arabians
Tracy, CA


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