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November 25, 2015     
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AHASM Sales & Breed Promotion

Arabian Horse Association® Marketing Programs

Why? It's a no-brainer! Our Marketing Programs are a win-win situation.

  • You gain extensive national marketing exposure and referrals that allow you to reach potential buyers easily and economically.
  • We gain a professional, dedicated resource to help increase interest and ownership of Arabian horses and participation in the Arabian community.
  • We all gain as potential horse owners become more knowledgeable about Arabians and interest in the breed grows.
  • And, you know how expensive it can be to place ads in trade magazines, create literature, develop sales leads, and design a web site and try to attract visitors to it.

Partnering with the Arabian Horse Association makes it easy for potential buyers to find you.

As a key component of market development efforts, AHA develops marketing programs and promotional activities that help grow the breed. Included are programs that support owners and farms in their efforts to sell horses and develop new owners, and programs that make owning Arabians and Half-Arabians more enjoyable for the larger Arabian horse community.

These promotional programs are some of the easiest and most economical ways to extend the reach of your marketing program. And, you have access to professionally produced literature and other marketing tools that are available at a nominal price.

As an AHA member, these are some of the benefits you can take advantage of:

  • Exposure to 300,000 monthly visitors to ArabianHorses.org
  • Listings in the Arabian Horse Classifieds (includes Arabians, Half/Anglo-Arabians, Stallion Directory, Products & Services)
  • Inclusion in the online Arabian Farm Directory
  • Participation in the Discovery Farms and Mentor Network referral programs
  • Access to beautiful, professionally produced breed promotional materials
  • Increased exposure to prospects generated by AHA promotional efforts

AHA is offering participation by qualified owners and farms. If you are interested in partnering with us and promoting your farm, club and the Arabian breed, please select any one of the programs below.

Discovery Farms         Arabian Horse Classifieds
Mentor Network         Arabian Farm Directory
National Breed Advertising         Promotional Literature

Programs & Services

The AHA Market Development effort is dedicated to supplying the tools Arabian horse owners need to market their horses and place potential owners in touch with them. You can get involved in any or all of the following programs and take advantage of promotional literature and web site services.

Arabian Farm Directory - Online
Expose your farm to thousands of prospective buyers!

The Arabian Farm Directory is designed to allow potential farm clients to find specific training, boarding, breeding, sales and leasing services. The Arabian Farm Directory is a national catalog of Arabian Farms and breeders.

In the past few years, AHA has devoted considerable resources to promoting the directory - which means that it is more popular and effective than ever before! In addition to the 40,000+ annual visitors to the Arabian Farm Directory online, your farm will be included on the state listings sent in response to inquiries received through Arabian Horse America's toll-free hotline.

Based on the popularity of this program, you can't afford to be left out!! Sign up today and take advantage of this powerful marketing tool!

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Discovery FarmsŪ
Join today and help prospective owners "discover" the Arabian horse!

What's the best way to introduce new owners to the Arabian breed and dispel the misunderstandings and myths about Arabians? We believe the most effective way is to make it easier for prospective owners to "discover" the breed for themselves. As a true farm visitor program, Discovery Farms give those interested in Arabians a firsthand experience with these wonderful horses that will inevitably help to change the overall preconceptions about the breed. That's why AHA has developed this online referral program - and why we'd love to add your farm's name to our list of active Discovery Farms.

Through a minimal commitment of time, you'll have a maximum impact on the future of the industry. And, although the program isn't designed to sell horses, you'll certainly meet people who are interested in Arabian horse ownership. Once you've signed up, we'll send you a gate sign and a certificate that you can use to identify your farm as a recognized Discovery Farm.

As of this year, the Discovery Farms program is fully automated and online. As a participant, you will have your own user area where you can upload farm photos, view referrals, and modify your farm information. Your information is only given out after the visitor submits their contact information and interests. Once the contact information has been exchanged, they will contact you by phone or e-mail - you can also conact them directly - to set a convenient time for a visit to your farm. You are always free to accept or decline requests as they fit your schedule.

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Mentor Network
Share your knowledge & expertise with a new generation of Arabian owners.

The objective of the Mentor Network program is to develop knowledgeable new owners and positive ownership experiences. AHA believes that this can be best accomplished through one-on-one communication. The Mentor Network is designed to connect potential owners and novices with more experienced Arabian enthusiasts like you.

As a Mentor, you'll be the coach to help new owners start out on the right path. You select your area of expertise - for example, how to buy an Arabian horse; local and regional activities; competitive events; training; breeding - and the list goes on. Referrals will contact you by phone or email for advice whenever they have questions in those areas.

When you submit your application, your name will be added to our online Mentor Network database. You only have to sign up once - you name will be a part of the Mentor Network database as long as you maintain an active membership with the Arabian Horse Registry of America or until you ask for it to be removed. As we receive inquiries that match your knowledge and skills, our online system will refer that person directly to you via your contact information (phone or e-mail). Where you go from there is entirely up to you!

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Promotional Literature
Use Arabian Horse Association brochures and flyers to promote the breed!

For a nominal cost to help defray shipping and partial expenses, we will provide you with beautiful, professionally produced brochures, fliers and posters that you can stamp with your farm's name and contact information for handing out at local events. You can also purchase the popular new breed video, "Arabians: The Best Kept Secret." It repeats 8 times for continuous viewing and so that you only have to rewind once an hour. Take advantage of these powerful marketing tools.
Click here to order online.


National Ad Campaign
The Arabian Advantage

A key component of our promotional efforts is a national ad campaign initiated on behalf of the Arabian community to promote the Arabian breed. Directed to those outside the Arabian community, it is designed to increase awareness and generate prospects for ownership. Currently advertising in: Horse & Rider, Horse Illustrated and Equus magazines. Prospect inquiries are introduced to the Arabian horse through both printed materials and direct contact with Arabian owners and farms through a series of marketing programs.


Arabian Horse Classifieds
Exposure to tens of thousands of unique visitors every month!

These are the most comprehensive and popular Arabian and Half-Arabian horse classifieds on the World Wide Web. There are 5,000 horses for sale in all price ranges and more that 2,000 Arabian stallions listed at stud. You'll find ads for wanted horses, boarding stables, great riding trails and even Arabian horse related jobs! Classified ads are free to submit and are posted for one year. A photo or video clip may be included with any horse ad for only $9.95. In addition, you can "Showcase" your ad, enhance it with "Priority Listing" and "Bolding," and even upgrade to a printed ad in Modern Arabian Horse Magazine.


AHA welcomes you to partner with us in promoting the breed by joining as many programs as you choose. If you should have any additional questions about these programs, please email us at info@arabianhorses.org or call: 303-696-4500.



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