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November 28, 2015     
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Arabian Horse - Bloodlines


The origin of the purebred Arabian horse was the Arabian desert, and all Arabians ultimately trace their lineage to this source. European and American breeders exploring the Middle East in the late 1800's became captivated with the Arabian's beauty, spirit and stamina, and were anxious to import horses back home.

Purebred Arabian horses imported to England by Lady Ann Blunt became known as "Crabbet Arabians" after her farm, Crabbet Park. In the United States, horses were associated with the individuals or farms that bred them, which explains why enthusiasts refer to "Babson," "Davenport" and "Kellogg" bloodlines. Egyptian Arabians are only those whose sires and dams descend from a special pool of horses used in the Egyptian purebred Arabian breeding program. Sometimes a horse bred in one country but acquired by another either through sale or the spoils of war is referred to by the nationality of its adopted country.

The various bloodlines reflect the love and dedication that breeders have always had regarding the preservation, history and essence of this beautiful and captivating breed.


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