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November 28, 2015     
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Open Event Incentive Program (OEIP)


Do you enjoy participating in national all-breed events including competitions hosted by national organizations in Dressage, Endurance, Driving, Cutting and Eventing? Or, do you compete in local open shows hosted by local clubs, saddle clubs, even other breed associations? If so, AHA would like to present you and the Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian horses you compete with the opportunity to receive recognition and awards for your accomplishments.

The Open Event Incentive Program rewards both Riders and Horses that excel in all-breed competitions outside of the traditional Arabian horse community. As a participant in OEIP, you and your horse will accumulate points based on how you place in competitions and be rewarded for all of your achievements and hard work.

Riders who participate in OEIP will earn recognition and awards based on the number of points they accumulate. In addition, the horses used in these competitions will automatically have their accomplishments recorded in their permanent event record in the Arabian Horse DataSource world database.

Horse owners that do not compete as the rider may also join the program and enter horses they own without the rider being part of the program.

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I compete with Arabian horses all the time... How do I join?

Riders who would like to compete in OEIP must fill out the Incentive Program Sign-Up Form to join.

NOTE: Participation in any Arabian Horse Association program requires a current membership with the Arabian Horse Association. Click here to join AHA now!

Program participants are defined as an individual rider or owner, not a specific horse and rider combination. This means that as a rider, you may ride any number of horses, regardless of whether you own them or not, as long as they are all Arabians, Half-Arabians or Anglo-Arabians registered with the Arabian Horse Association.


My Arabian horse competes in all-breed events all the time with riders other than myself... How do I sign up my horse?

Owners who would like to record their Arabian horse's success at all-breed events, regardless of who rides the horse, should fill out the Incentive Program Sign-Up Form and identify the horse(s) you want to enter into the program. You may record your horse's achievements even if your horse was shown by someone other than yourself-the actual owner.

NOTE: If the rider is also in the program, he/she should not need to submit the event information if you, the owner, have already done so. The same is true if the rider has submitted the event information-- you, the owner, should not enter the same information again. Your horse will automatically receive credit for that event.


What are the OEIP Milestones, Recognition and Awards?

The Open Event Incentive Program rewards riders and Arabian horses that compete in OEIP events with for following awards and recognition:

OEIP Horses - OEIP recognizes the success of individual Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses in OEIP events by recording accomplishments in each horse's permanent event record in the Arabian Horse Association's Arabian DataSource.

OEIP Competitiors - After reaching each major point milestone, OEIP participants will receive a Lapel Pin identifying their achievement level. Milestones are reached at 10, 20, 60, 100, 250, 350, 500, 750, 1000 points.

High Point Achievers - The annual High Point Achiever from each event category (for both national and local event divisions) will receive a trophy* at the end of each calendar year, plus photo recognition on this website.

NOTE: Competitors must reach at least 10 points in a category to qualify for the annual high point award. Awards are based on points earned between January 1 and December 31 of that year.

*(The Arabian Horse Association reserves the right to modify or change awards at any time.)


Which Events Are Recognized?

OEIP accepts most types of events. The following criteria apply to events and hosting organizations:

  • The event must be approved by a national or local organization that keeps an official performance record for each horse entered in the event.
  • The host organization must have an established governing body.
  • The host organization must have a show manager at the event who will sign the Event Report Form presented by the exhibitor/competitor.
    The Event Report Form requires "Adobe Acrobat Reader" to open - Free download here.
  • The host organization must also maintain permanent event records at a central location for at least one year where event participation can be verified.

If you compete in an event not currently recognized by the Arabian Horse Association, please let us know and we will look into adding the hosting organization to the OEIP Recognized Organizations list-see below.

Listed below are organizations that have been pre-approved for inclusion in OEIP. If you compete in an event hosted by an organization that is not currently on the recognized list below, please fill out the OEIP Host Organization Application.


OEIP Recognized Organizations/Categories

The following categories are currently approved for all-breed competitions hosted by national organizations. To request the addition of another hosting organization, fill out the OEIP Host Organization Application.

Click here for a complete list of approved "National Level" host organizations.

  • Barrel Racing - Restricted to cloverleaf. Includes WPRA and NBHA approved events
  • Combined Driving - Includes ADS approved events
  • Competitive Mounted Orienteering - Includes NACMO approved events
  • Competitive Trail Riding - Includes NATRC, ECTRA, UMECRA, SEDRA and OAATS approved events
  • Mounted Shooting - Includes CMSA, MSA and SASS approved events
  • Cutting - Includes NCHA, ACHA and CCHA approved events
  • Dressage - Includes USDF, USEF and USPC approved events
  • Driving - Includes ADS approved events
  • Endurance - Includes AERC, ECTRA, UMECRA, USPC and SEDRA approved events
  • Eventing - Includes USEA and USPC approved events
  • Reining - Includes NRHA and NRCHA approved events
  • Ride and Tie - Includes Ride and Tie Association approved events
  • Roping - Includes team Roping, Heading, Heeling, Calf Roping, Breakaway Roping and all events sanctioned by the PRCA, USTRC, USCRA or the WPRA
  • Sidesaddle - Includes ISSO and WSFI approved events
  • Stadium Jumping - Includes USEF, USPC and USEA approved events
  • Team Penning - Includes USTPA and TPA approved events
  • Vaulting - Includes USEF, AVA and USPC approved events
  • Working Cow Horse - Includes NRCHA approved events

The following categories are currently approved for all-breed competitions hosted by Local Organizations and 4-H. To request the addition of another hosting association fill out the OEIP Host Organization Application.

Click here for a complete list of approved "Local Level" host organizations.

  • Halter
  • Hunter Equitation
  • Hunter Pleasure/Hunter Hack
  • Leadline
  • Miscellaneous (native costume, liberty, combination, most classic, sidesaddle, longe line)
  • Saddleseat Equitation
  • Saddleseat Pleasure (English, Park Horse, Country English)
  • Show Hack
  • Showmanship
  • Stock Horse
  • Trail (In-Hand included)
  • Walk-Trot
  • Western Horsemanship/Riding/Equitation
  • Western Pleasure/Bareback Pleasure

(Specialty Performance Categories - Local Open Shows)
  • Cutting
  • Dressage
  • Driving
  • Eventing
  • Gaming/Gymkhana
  • Jumping
  • Reining
  • Roping
  • Team Penning
  • Trails (trail trials, judged trail rides - excludes CTRs, Endurance Rides & show trail classes)


How Do My Points Get Calculated?

Points are calculated automatically based on event placement and other criteria. You can review the calculations for different events/classes by using our OEIP Point Calculator. Local open shows are eligible when hosted by a pre-approved organization, but competitors accumulate points at half the rate of events hosted by an approved national organization. Even so, awards based on local open show competitions are awarded separately from awards for all other events.

** The Arabian Horse Association does not recognize points earned prior to enrollment in the Open Event Incentive Program**


How do I report the events I and/or my horse have competed in?

After you have filled out the Incentive Program Sign-Up Form, you will use your member number and pin number to access your account and log your performance accomplishments.

Riders can accumulate points in a category, regardless of which Arabian horses they ride (as long as it is a registered Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian.) In the same way, horses can earn and accumulate points in a given category regardless of who the rider is. Either the rider or, if different, the owner can enter the event information online and submit the Event Report Form to the Arabian Horse Association. Do not report entries more than once for a rider or horse. If the rider reports the entry, the horse owner (if different) does not need to. A horse owner can report entries for the horse if the rider is not in the Open Event Incentive Program.

Since all of the Incentive Programs are online, you will enter your accomplishments directly in the online OEIP Log after you participate in an event. Next, turn in the completed Event Report Form, signed by the event manager. As soon as you enter the event information in the online OEIP Log and the Arabian Horse Association has verified it against the completed Event Report Form, points will be recorded and calculated toward the annual High Point Category Awards for riders and recorded in the permanent event record of the horse in the Arabian Horse DataSource world database.

The Event Report Form requires "Adobe Acrobat Reader" to open - Free download here.

**Open Event Incentive Program participants are required to send in an Event Report Form signed by the event official stating that both horse and rider did enter the specified class and placed accordingly. Event results must be entered and the Event Report Form returned along with the processing fee in order for the results to be accepted (December events have a 30 day deadline to expedite High Point calculations). During that time the event results will remain pending until AHA receives your signed Event Report Form and the $5.00 processing fee per horse per event. If the show has multiple judges for each class then the results from each judge are considered separate events. Each distance in any eligible distance event also requires a separate recording fee.**


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