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November 28, 2015     
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Origin of the International Arabian Horse Association


Founded in 1950 by a group of Arabian horse clubs, the International Arabian Horse Association's (IAHA) mission was to provide organized outlets for group activity for many owners who shared an interest in Arabian horses. IAHA began as a small group of Arabian horse enthusiasts and grew to a membership of 32,000 in the 1980's. Most members traditionally joined through one of 270 affiliate Arabian horse clubs across the United States and Canada. IAHA provided a network of horse owners and breeders throughout 18 geographic regions. Youth membership in the International Arabian Horse Youth Association (IAHYA) numbered close to 6,000 and comprised 16 percent of IAHA total membership. In 2002, IAHA closed the year with 27,500 members.

IAHA administered the Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian Horse Registries, approved more than 400 show and distance riding competitions annually, produced five national championship events and paid $4 million in prize money to eligible competitors each year through the International Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes and National Halter Futurities programs. IAHA was the focal point of Arabian horse competitive activities in North America and offered a wide range of programs for both competitive and recreational Arabian horse owners and riders. IAHA was headquartered at the site of the new AHA.

IAHAŽ produced three national horse shows each year: Youth Nationals in July, Canadian Nationals in August and U.S. Nationals in October. Only the most committed competitors attend these national events and must qualify in order to compete. IAHA also produced the National Competitive Trail Ride and Endurance Ride Championships in early summer and fall. IAHA instituted a Judges and Stewards Commissioner in 1990 with a staff to assist in overseeing the education and ethical conduct of judges and stewards.

Most former IAHA programs have rolled over into the new AHA.

Important dates in the history of IAHA


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