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November 28, 2015     
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Important Dates in IAHA History

If a comprehensive list were developed of all the programs created since the inception of IAHA, it would be twice as long. It's a tribute to IAHA members that their unbridled enthusiasm has generated such a rich and diverse selection of programs.

  • 1950--IAHA Incorporated
  • 1951--First IAHA Annual Convention
  • 1951--IAHA Purchases Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian Registries
  • 1957--First Canadian Nationals
  • 1958--First U.S. National Championship Classes held with Estes Park show
  • 1964--Regional Championship Rules Adopted and Regions Established
  • 1965-Legion of Merit+ Achievement Awards Initiated
  • 1965--First Halter Futurities
  • 1967--First stand-alone U.S. Nationals
  • 1970--First Arabian Horse Youth Judging Contest
  • 1971--Ethical Practice Review Board established
  • 1971--IAHA Starts Show Recognition for All-Arabian Divisions
  • 1973--Regional (Representative Democracy) Governing Structure Established
  • 1975--First National Competitive Trail & Endurance Rides Held
  • 1975--IAHA starts International Arabian Horse Foundation
  • 1977--Dressage Rider Awards started
  • 1978--Drugs and Medication Rules implemented
  • 1979--Inside International started
  • 1980-Legion of Honor++, Legion of Supreme Honor+/ and Legion of Supreme Merit+++ Achievement Awards Added
  • 1981-Fight Off Arabian Lethals (F.O.A.L.) program begins
  • 1983--Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes started
  • 1983--Youth Team Tournament,
  • 1983--Youth Achievement Awards
  • 1983--Youth Essay Contest
  • 1993--Youth Promotional Extravaganza started
  • 1984--IAHA Moves to Arabian Horse Center
  • 1985-- Inside International wins American Horse Publications General Excellence Award
  • 1986-- Inside International wins Livestock Publications Council "Most Improved Publication" award
  • 1988--First Foundation Scholarships awarded
  • 1989--MBNA Credit Card launched
  • 1990--Judges & Stewards Commissioner Office Established
  • 1991--IAHA Equitation Manual published in the Handbook
  • 1991--Arabian Horse Type Judging Manual & Video produced
  • 1991--"Arabian Fever-A Family Affair" video launched
  • 1992--Legion of Masters++++ and Legion of Excellence+// Achievement Awards Added
  • 1993--"Recipes For Success" Fairs, Mini-Conventions and Seminar How to Manual released
  • 1993--Volunteer Service Award
  • 1993--First Youth Nationals
  • 1993--Distance Riding Program started
  • 1993--Dressage Rider Awards started
  • 1993-IAHA National Endurance Championship special produced by IAHA airs to 27 million viewers on Prime Sports Networks around the country
  • 1994--International Arabian Horse Youth Association started
  • 1994-IAHA receives AHSA Broadcast Media Award for Youth Nationals TV special
  • 1995-IAHA receives AHSA Broadcast Media Award for U.S. Nationals TV special
  • 1995--Youth of the Year Award started
  • 1995--Horse Show Hotline Started
  • 1996--Non Arabian Nominated Sire Category added
  • 1996--IAHA purchases headquarters in Aurora
  • 1996--Recreational Riding Program started
  • 1996--Members Receive $1 Million Excess Personal Liability Insurance
  • 1997--First National Yearling Jackpot Classes
  • 1997--First IAHYA Convention
  • 1998--National Performance Futurity Program Established
  • 1998--First Club Summit
  • 1998--Youth Creative Contest started
  • 1999--Club Excellence Program Started
  • 1999 --"Arabian Horse Fun Show Kit" Manual released
  • 1999--"To Finish Is To Win" Manual released
  • 1999--First National Horseman's Symposium
  • 2000--Poof You have a Booth Booklet released
  • 2000--Sundowner High-Point Horse Award Started
  • 2002--Amateur Achievement Awards Started
  • 2002--IAHA Enters Merger talks with the Arabian Horse Registry of America
  • 2003--First Sport Horse Nationals


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