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November 29, 2015     
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Important Dates in the History of the Arabian Horse Registry of America

1908 Registry founded under the name, the "Arabian Horse Club of America" to maintain 
the official registration and ownership records for purebred Arabian horses, as well as to aid, foster and promote the preservation and improvement of purebred Arabian horses and the Arabian breed.
1909 The Department of Agriculture recognizes the Registry Stud Book as the only official Registry for purebred Arabian horses. There were 71 horses registered and 11 owners listed in the Stud Book of the Arabian Horse Club of America. This publication created "Volume I" published in 1913.
1939 The Registry moved from New York to Chicago.
1950 The name of the organization was changed to "The Arabian Horse Club Registry of America."
1950 Members of the Arabian Horse Registry passed a resolution recommending the establishment of the International Arabian Horse Association to promote and coordinate all Arabian horse show activities and to develop horse show rules.
1958 Horse number 14,000 is registered during this silver anniversary year. 
1965 Horse number 35,000 is registered.
1968 Written records are converted to a computer system. Horse number 50,000 is registered.
1969 Official name of the organization changes to "Arabian Horse Registry of America, Inc." and the Registry moved from Chicago to Colorado.
1972 Artificial insemination test program started.
1973 The Registry marks its 65th anniversary. Horse number 100,000 is registered.
1976 Permanent record blood typing program for breeding stallions is implemented.
1977 Artificial insemination adopted as regular  rule. On-line computer programs substantially enhanced.
1980 Horse number 200,000 is registered.
1980 Embryo transfer developmental program is implemented.
1981 Stud book produced on microfiche and offered to owners as alternative to the printed edition of stud books.
1983 Registry converts computer records to a new, in-house computer system. The Registry celebrates 75 years of service.
1984 Horse number 300,000 is registered.
1984 Registry moves to the new Arabian Horse Center in Westminster, Colorado.
1986 Embryo transfer adopted in regular rule book.
1988 Horse number 400,000 is registered.
1991 Full parentage qualification by blood typing requirement implemented for 1991 foals.
1991 Transported semen developmental program begins.
1991 Computer services provided by the Registry  to the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry.
1991 Arabian Jockey Club, Inc. moves to the Arabian Horse Center and becomes an affiliate of the Registry.
1992 The Registry assumes responsibility for Arabian racehorse identification.
1994 Horse number 500,000 is registered.
1995 Use of transported and stored semen is adopted as a regular rule.
1997 The Registry implements a new one-page racing certificate.
1997 The Registry releases the Bookshelf CD-ROM containing registration records of over 890,000 horses registered worldwide..
1997 TheRegistry.org and ArabianRacing.org web sites developed for the Registry and Arabian Jockey Club to provide additional access to information and services.
1998 Arabian Horse America launched to offer market development services and support to Arabian community.
1998 Arabian Horse America starts Discovery Farms program, the first national farm referral, non-sales program designed to introduce non-owners to Arabian horses.
1999 Arabian Horse America establishes a Mentor Network of knowledgeable Arabian owners to provide basic information about Arabian horse ownership, plus guidance on buying, breeding, training and local activities.
1999 Arabian Horse Classifieds hosts the largest online marketplace for Arabian horses.
2000 Arabian Farm Directory established as the industry's first national online directory for Arabian horse farms.
2000 DataSource CD-Rom brings over 890,000 horse records, show records, race records and owner records to the desktop.
2000 Permanent record DNA typing program started.
2000 DNA parentage qualification made available for foal registration.
2001 DataSource Online creates access to information for over 900,000 horses from any PC or Mac with an Internet connection.
2002 Arabian Horse America launches new Incentive Programs to provide recognition and awards to those riding & competing outside the traditional Arabian horse associations.
2002 The Registry begins accepting Oocyte Transfer foal registrations. The restriction of one horse registration per calendar year per mare is lifted.


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